Domain Setup for Zoho Mail Administrators
Pavithra Murugan


Domain Setup for Zoho Mail Administrators


To shift to a new email service, set up a domain and get all the configurations done might sound like a daunting process to some. This course is aimed at breaking down the process of domain setup step-by-step and making it easy for everyone to understand. We will be going through the process of domain verification, creating users and groups and configuring MX Records to receive emails. The concepts of SPF and DKIM that are essential for better email deliverability will also be explained clearly, along with the why and how of configuring them. The process of migration from other services to Zoho Mail will also be discussed briefly. Anyone, who is looking to familiarize themselves with the processes and any necessary troubleshooting steps involved in setting up a domain, can take up this course.

What you'll learn

  • Overview of the domain setup process in Zoho Mail
  • Configuring groups and adding users to your organization
  • What SPF and DKIM is, why and how to configure them
  • Basics of migrating to Zoho Mail